Mommylicious Blissful Nights Draw

Mommylicious Blissful Nights Draw Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Mommylicious Trade Show yesterday! Now for the exciting part…..finding out who won the Sleep Essentials Basket! #mommylicious blissfulnights #yycgentlesleepcoach #freestuff

Naps, Sweet Naps

Naps, Sweet Naps Why are naps so important, anyways? As parents, we have all heard that naps are incredibly important. But why? Wouldn’t life be easier if our children could simply go with the flow? Simple answer: sleep is incredibly important for growing bodies. Every minute of every day, your child’s body and brain is […]

How to Help Your “Colicky Baby”

How to Help Your “Colicky Baby” My story After numerous trips to numerous doctors to try to determine the reason/s for my baby’s incessant, day after day, week after week crying, a doctor informed me he may just have a “colicky temperament”. Don’t worry, the doctor assured me, this will likely pass by the time […]

Your Schedule vs. Your Child’s Sleep Schedule

Time change tips

Your Schedule vs. Your Child’s Sleep Schedule Do you schedule your child’s sleep times or do you follow their natural sleepy cues? Wouldn’t life be convenient if our babies would sleep on our schedule so we could fit in grocery shopping, playdates, and dinners out with family? Unfortunately this is not how babies and small […]

The All-Important Bedtime Routine

The All-Important Bedtime Routine As many parents have learned through experience, babies and children thrive on routine. They feel secure and safe when they know what to expect, and you can foster this in their daily routines.  It’s so easy to forget that life on earth is a new experience for your child. Imagine the […]

How Do I Create an Ideal Sleep Environment for My Baby?

How Do I Create an Ideal Sleep Environment for My Baby? A baby’s sleep environment is vital for a good night’s sleep. As they are learning these new sleep skills, you can help them by making it as easy as possible for them to drift off into slumber land. This is how you can help: […]