What do I do if my payment fails?

– If your payment fails you will get an email saying your subscription expired or was cancelled
– If you attempt to view the Video Membership Site you’re notice your access is gone.
– Log into your Video Membership Account Page
– Find and click the Renew button
– Go through the short process and your subscription will continue as normal (sign up fee is not applied again, this is only charged one time at the beginning)
What do I do if the system says my email has already been used when I try to create an account?

– Try logging in
– You likely already have signed up and have an account
– You can reset your password if needed.
– Log in through ‘My Account‘ 
– When you are logged in, from there you can purchase a membership to the Video Membership Site by going to the services section of site and going through the process of purchasing a membership. You will only need to add your billing details and payment information.