I remember coming through the fog, that blur of seemingly endless days and even longer nights. Does it count as a new day if you really haven’t slept?

I remember coming through the haze of postpartum depression and anxiety, the panic attacks that left me breathless and barely able to load my kids into the car.

I remember feeling as though there was no end in sight. This was it. This was my life. HARD. Everything was hard. Mustering the time and energy to eat, shower, diaper, nurse, and play with my littles seemed beyond my grasp.

I remember living in survival mode for month after month after month, watching the outside world carry on as normal, while I did my best to make it through the day.

I also remember when I started to feel like myself again. When I started living (and enjoy life) instead of purely surviving.

I remember when I started to really, really enjoy my time with my babies. When I started to regain my short term memories (and stopped losing my car keys 5+ times per day). When my thinking once again became clear. When I started to feel inspired, light, hopeful, energetic, and ……. HAPPY.

This change happened for me when sleep improved. There are some who function phenomenally well with very little sleep. If this is you… I applaud you.   This was not me. My mood, energy, patience, and happiness depend on me getting enough uninterrupted sleep at night.

I am a BETTER parent when I am well rested.

This is WHY I became a Gentle Sleep Coach. Because I KNOW the impact sleep can have in all aspects of life. I came out the other side. I left the fog, the haze, PPD, PPA, and survival mode behind. I became a Gentle Sleep Coach because I want to help YOU leave the fog too.

Sleeping is often the first step. I want to help.

In one week, my daughter will be one. In four weeks, my first baby will be starting kindergarten and shortly after my second born will be starting preschool.

You’ve probably heard this before, but it goes by TOO DARN FAST!

I want you to enjoy your time with your littles, while they are little. I want to help you sleep now. So between now and my son’s first day in kindergarten, I am offering a $50 discount on both of my packages!

Enter code SUMMER2017 at checkout or pay by etransfer.

If you have any questions, I always offer a free 15 minute-assessment phone call.

*This rate applies to any sleep consultations booked within this time frame (July 14-August 21, 2017).
*To be eligible for this discount, you must be planning to start sleep coaching within 4 weeks of your scheduled consultation.

If you are struggling with any postpartum mood disorder, please ask for help.