“We want to thank you for all the help, support and patience over the last couple of weeks. We are very encourage by the progress so far and how much healthy and calm is her sleeping habits and routine. She still learning obviously but she had learn so much and be more independent and trusting with us. We felt very comfortable with the gentle method and believe was the best option for our family, compare to doing the cry out method. We are very thankful and grateful for you in our lives in this season!”

– Carolina Zuleta-Sanchez

“Hiring Andrea to help our family coach our 10-month-old boy to sleep was among the best decisions our family made during the first year of our boy’s life. For about two months leading up to our decision to hire Andrea, our boy was incredibly fussy, napping only in 20 minute intervals four times a day, was hooked on his soother, and was still waking three times at night in screaming fits and only wanting to nurse for hours at a time. We could not establish a routine with our baby, nor could we get him to sleep or nap in his crib unless we slept on the floor beside his crib. Every member of our family, including our three year old son, was incredibly sleep deprived and emotionally exhausted from listening to crying for hours on end every day. Our baby was so sleep deprived, he became incredibly clingy and fussy, and stopped eating solid foods. Postpartum depression had become a serious concern for our family.

One exhausted evening when I had hit a breaking point, I became aware of Andrea’s coaching services via social media. In the past, I had always been hesitant to hire sleep consultants because I had no emotional strength to implement a cry-it-out, extinction method for sleep training. However, learning that Andrea was trained to help us coach our little boy to sleep independently in a more gentle and humane way than this method, I became intrigued and desperate for her assistance. I hired her without hesitation.

It still amazes me how quickly Andrea was able to hone in on what were our baby’s problematic sleep behaviours. She offered us a very gentle and effective method of teaching our baby how to soothe himself to sleep while minimizing tears on both baby and parent side. Within days of implementing Andrea’s sleep plan, we had our baby off a soother, and had him sleeping in his crib through the night without waking, even to nurse. And only a little time later, our baby was sleeping a minimum of 12 hours through the night without waking (and still is at 12.5 months old) and is napping on a consistent and regular basis. My husband and I are forever grateful for Andrea’s gentle approach to sleep coaching and self-soothing. Her services are highly recommended from this well-rested family!”

– Krista Phillips

I tried so many things to get my toddler to sleep, most of them working for a short time, but never allowing her to sleep continuously through the night or to put herself to sleep. I figured she would eventually learn these skills on her own she won’t still need me to get her to sleep when she is in college! But the age of 2 came and went and still no sign of sleeping on her own. After working with Andrea, my daughter learned to put herself asleep and stay asleep all night. She felt very proud of herself and her new sleep skills because she was part of this whole process. I was very comfortable with the gentle methods and felt that I was supporting my daughter every step of the way. I would highly recommend this method of sleep coaching to any exhausted parents out there!  

– Anna Riley

I cannot emphasize enough how our life has changed since we started sleep coaching. Our son used to wake up between 4 and 6 times per night. I lived in complete zombie mode for over 12 months. We tried everything to get him to sleep: rocking, bouncing, shushing, nursing, co sleeping and eventually nothing worked efficiently anymore. After reaching a point of desperation, we worked with Andrea and within 12 nights, my son was sleeping through the night 11 hours at a time AND he was putting himself to sleep happily at bedtime!! I feel human again and now have energy to put into quality play time during the day. What an amazing difference sleep can make to quality of life!

– Erin Fletcher

“Our daughter’s sleep has improved wonderfully. At 11 months, she was taking up to an hour to fall asleep at bedtime and then waking up within three hours of falling asleep. She would only go back to sleep if I nursed her, and this was a minimum of two times per night. I hadn’t slept a longer than four hours at a time in months. Now Violet goes to bed between 6:30 and 7, puts herself back to sleep if she wakes up in the night, and sleeps until 6 or 6:30 a.m. My husband and I both feel like different people, with renewed energy and the feeling we can enjoy the time with our daughter more. We no longer dread bedtime or tiptoe around upstairs when getting ready to go to bed ourselves out of fear we’ll wake our daughter. If she wakes up, we know she’ll be able to get back to sleep!”

Miriam Kasam

I honestly can’t recommend Andrea highly enough. We contacted her frazzled and at our wits’ end as new parents with no idea how to get our baby sleeping better. Although at first he was too young for sleep coaching, Andrea still helped us improve what we’d been doing to set us on the right path to better sleep and we saw immediate improvement.

Once our little one was old enough to coach properly, Andrea supported us through the process to ensure we could consistently help him learn to sleep better on his own. Her methods are gentle and we never abandoned our baby to cry – I think the process was harder on us than him, although there had to be some tears. Now at six months he sleeps the night in his own crib and is starting to nap like a champ.

The end result is a family that’s so much happier and well-rested. I feel like a new person and I can enjoy my baby a lot more as well as having more time with my husband. Andrea is a goldmine of information. She is kind and clear, and she never made us feel bad or wrong for what we’d been doing but just started helping us from the beginning. A friend asked me whether hiring a sleep consultant was worth it – I can say absolutely it was the best money we’ve spent on our baby. Forget the gadgets and doodads, invest in learning how to help your baby sleep better so that *everyone* can sleep better. Thank you Andrea for all of those extra hours of sleep you’ve given us and for helping us be better parents!

– Stacey Lemire

Andrea, I just got promoted at work and this would not have happened had I continued to be the zombie I was when you met us. A baby will show you how you can get by with very little sleep but I was hitting my Waterloo, my wall. That last one quite literally as I was so tired I kept stumbling everywhere.

He’s been sleeping close to 11 hours per night now for 7 weeks which have allowed me to recover and start performing at work and be an even more present husband and father. Thank you so much!

– Vincent Lemire