Ultimate Sleep Week Challenge 2023

  • Do you intuitively feel that Cry It Out is NOT the right approach for your little one?

  • Does your baby or toddler wake up multiple times per night?

  • Are naps a battle of wills?

  • Does traditional sleep advice simply not work for your “spirited” or “strong-willed” child?

  • Would you like to understand WHY your little one is struggling with sleep?

  • Have you tried downloading “baby sleep schedule templates” and they simply DO NOT work for you baby?

  • Would you prefer to use a gentle, age-appropriate approach to improve sleep?

  • Would you like to win a Premium Sleep Package (valued at $499)?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, this challenge is for you!

During Sleep Awareness Week, I will be going LIVE in the Gentle Sleep Solutions for Babies and Children Facebook group at 1:00 pm MDT every afternoon (March 13th – 17th) covering the sleep basics you need to help your little one sleep better.


March 13: Sleep Signs & How to Determine Your Child’s UNIQUE Sleep Schedule (no templates-by-age here!)
March 14: How to Set Up the Ideal Sleep Environment
March 15: Bedtime Routine: Critical Components
March 16: Coaching, Crying, Stress, & Self Soothing
March 17: What is Gentle Sleep Coaching? + Q & A from the week.


1)  Simply sign up below to enter the contest.  

2)  Join my Gentle Sleep Solutions for Babies and Children Facebook Group so you can find all of the info-packed videos!

3)  Earn points throughout the week:

  • Sign up for the challenge [below] = 5 pts
  • Comment on a live video as it is streaming = 2 pts
  • Comment on the video after the live recording = 1 pt
  • Complete the homework from the video and post in the group = 3 pts per post/per day

1st Place:  Whoever ends up with the most points by March 17th at 2 pm [Mountain Time] will win a Premium Sleep Coaching Package with me (valued at $499 CAD).

The Premium Package includes:

  • A comprehensive history assessment
  • A personalized, written sleep plan
  • Age-appropriate sleep education
  • 60-minute consultation (phone, FaceTime, or Zoom)
  • Six 15-minute phone calls
  • Fourteen email follow-ups
  • One wrap-up call (15 minutes)
  • Three months of access to my video membership site
I will be waiving the $70 signup fee for my Gentle Group Sleep Coaching Program  for everyone else who participates in the challenge PLUS a 30-minute phone call with me (valued at $59), PLUS access to a private, members-only Facebook group with weekly sleep coaching Zoom calls.
  • Over 3.5 hours of videos walking you through age-appropriate sleep education.
  • 4 different sleep coaching methods, nap coaching, night weaning, and so much more!
Find out more about the Gentle Group Sleep Coaching Program [Tap Here]
There will be special discounts offered to EVERYONE who participates – you have sleep to gain and NOTHING to lose!
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